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                  Railway chapter

                  High-speed railway structural layer material optimization solution

                  The structural layer material of high-speed railway is a new material completely different from normal geotextiles. How to solve the technical problems arising from the use of high-speed railway geotextile as the structural layer material during construction of high-speed railway? JOFO accepted the entrustment of a scientific research group of experts subordinated to the Ministry of Railways, and started to develop a solution.

                  • All high-speed railway structural layer materialwas relied on imports which cause high prices, long transportation time, resulting in influence on the construction progress;
                  • After some time of use, corrosion of steel parts will occur due to the spread of rainwater through the geotextile to the track plates, causing a safety risk;
                  • High weather resistance and abrasion resistance of nonwoven geotextiles;
                  • Haunch-up problem of late poured band.

                  In consideration of the above problems, JOFO conducted multiple tests from raw material selection to process optimization, and from type approval test to field test. At last, JOFO innovated and upgraded the components and developed custom high-tech geotextile for high-speed railway, which solves the problems arising from its use in high-speed railway, meets and exceeds the technical level of similar foreign products, and makes an important contribution to the railway construction.


                  Road chapter

                  Road geotextile optimization solution

                  A large area of a major asphalt road in Zhaoqing cracked 1 year later after its construction, causing influence on the traffic and image of Zhaoqing City. JOFO accepted the challenge and cooperated with Zhaoqing Municipal Administration Commission and road design experts to develop geotextile material optimization solutions.

                  Through sampling and technical analysis of the road, it is found: hydrolysis of the polyester filament geotextile occurs under alkaline conditions, so that it fails to disperse the stress caused by road load and loses the function of preventing reflective cracking, resulting in the road surface cracking.

                  Considering the cause of the problem, JOFO tries to change the acid and alkali resistance and load capacity of the raw material. JOFO innovates and upgrades the components through multiple tests, and develops the high-tech anti-cracking polypropylene geotextile for asphalt roads, which can resist high temperature, acid and alkali.

                  • With good heat resistance, it does not shrink or distort, and can maintain stable performance when paving with the high temperature asphalt;
                  • With good compatibility, it can fully absorb asphalt and form a stable bonding layer, so as to ensure the integrity of the road;
                  • Adopting the needlepunched nonwoven process, its MD and CD strength is 30% higher than other geotextiles under the same weight;
                  • The geotextiles can absorb and diffuse the stress, so that the original cracks and secondary cracks can be effectively suppressed;
                  • After the absorption of asphalt, it can form an effective waterproof layer to prevent erosion of roadbed due to water seepage and extend the road life;
                  • Strong acid and alkali resistance.

                  Roatile geotextile plays an important role in the road construction in Zhaoqing. JOFO Roatile geotextile is used in G321, S272, Xin’an Road, Star Lake Road and several other major roads in Zhaoqing, and won good appraisal from the city leaders and technical staff for its significant effect and obvious advantages.


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