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                  Furniture interlining solution

                  According to the different demand of customers and market, a wide variety of sofa interlining materials, resulting in high material costs; meanwhile, the stocks of various materials also lead to considerable occupation of warehouse space and capital, thus increasing the difficulty of management. After learning about the performance of KobwebTMand its application by some foreign famous sofa manufacturers, a large domestic furniture manufacturer contacted JOFO.

                  JOFO discussed the plan with the customer, and organized the development of samples. After various rigorous tests and evaluation, the customer finally selected K-100 KobwebTMto replace its original material. The use of K-100 KobwebTMhelps our customers bring down the overall costs of interlining by 10% or more, simplifies the procurement, warehousing and logistics links, solves the management problems that have long plagued our customers and meets the diverse needs of our customers.


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