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                  Automotive material solution

                  JOFO is a long-term supplier of K-150 KobwebTMproduct for a global top 500 auto parts company from the US. After the 2008 financial crisis, the U.S. auto industry exerts more stringent cost control, and the end customers request for significant price reduction. How to meet customer requirements in the case of gradual rise in raw material prices?

                  After research, it is found that: K-150 product far exceeds the technical requirements of customers in many projects. Can we develop the product of lower weight while meeting the technical requirements, so as to satisfy customer requirements?

                  JOFO sets up the CFT team to carry out APQP planning and FMEA analysis, conducts tests in cooperation with the customer, and innovates and develops K-150R KobwebTMproduct according to the company’s TS16949 system. This proprietary patented product improves the product performance while bringing down the costs by 7.14%. This proprietary K-150R Cobweb product is an important extension for JOFO products in the automotive interior trim application.


                  Please contact us to learn more about how JOFO helps find innovative ways to meet the market and product requirements.