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                  Safe and leak-proof

                  Side leakage solution

                  With the improvement of the modern living standards, the consumers’ demand for the performance of personal care and hygiene products becomes higher. For example, the baby care products have matured from the simple X-type structure into the T-type and U-type structures consisting of the top sheet, ADL layer, back sheet, leg cuff, left and right side tapes; however, a variety of problems still exist during use. An emerging enterprise engaged in the production of baby diapers from Fujian contacted JOFO, hoping to find a solution of ‘How to improve the leakage problem of the product’.

                  According to the customer’s product structure, JOFO conducted multiple tests, innovated and upgraded the components, and provided a safe and leak-proof tailor-made solution for the customer.

                  Starting from the top sheet material of the baby diaper, we conduct hydrophilic process optimization for the top sheet to improve strike through effect, and prevent the transfer of the hydrophilic oil on the top sheet to the leg cuff through special treatment, so as to improve the effect of the top sheet and enhance the adhesion between the top sheet and leg cuff. In doing this, the liquid can flow down quickly while avoiding leakage .

                  The leg cuff and side tape use the elastic fabric, which is soft with high hydrostatic pressure value, good barrier performance, good breathability and low friction coefficient, thus effectively avoiding side leakage and preventing the baby’s skin from hurting due to friction. Even though the baby moves continuously, the leg cuff and side tape still can stretch and rebound effectively without falling-off, and wrap the liquid reliably. Therefore, we successfully meet the customer’s optimization demand for the product.


                  Soft Care

                  Soft back sheet film solution

                  JOFO innovates and upgrades the components according to customer demand, and develops SilkSoft™ nonwoven, which is used in the soft baby diapers.

                  The back sheet of baby diapers can be reached by the babies, and the nurses can also feel it when carrying the babies in their arms. The top sheet of baby diapersdirectly contacts soft skin of babies.

                  SilkSoft ™ nonwoven  Manufactured with the international advanced spunbond production line, it is featured by uniform web, balanced ratio of MD strength to CDstrength, silky soft hand feeling, small friction coefficient and no yellowing. Through hydrophilic, antibacterial, deodorant, skin care and anti-static treatment, it can be used to produce the functional products that meet the customers’ special requirements, and added with special additive according to customer feedback. It addresses the problems of poor adhesion and low peel strength for laminated nonwovens.

                  The following data shows that JOFO SilkSoft ™ product has superior softness and smoothness, which can meet the market demand for the baby diapers in respect of flexibility, softness and low friction.



                  Mild and non-irritating

                  Multifunctional skin care fabric solution

                  Through the research and development of AloeHI™ nonwoven, JOFO firstly applies aloe to the production process of nonwovens, and innovates and upgrades the components. It is used in the mildest diapers for newborn babies and the aged .

                  Adopting the safe and environment-friendly polypropylene as the raw material and using the international advanced spunbond production line for production, it can apply the skin care oil provided by the international renowned skin care oil suppliers. It also can be used to develop avocado oil hydrophilic top sheet, “cocktail” hydrophilic top sheet and other special top sheets according to customer feedback.

                  Safe, reliable and non-irritating to skin, AloeHI™ nonwoven is FDA certified and in conformity to REACH regulations.

                  • Antibacterial, bactericidal
                  • Anti-inflammatory
                  • Skin care
                  • Deodorant


                  Please contact us to learn more about how JOFO helps find innovative ways to meet the market and product requirements.