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                  JOFO is committed to meeting and exceeding the customer expectations for our business performance in all aspects. Please contact us, and our product engineers in each business area will provide you with professional advice, links and information meeting your specific technical requirements.

                  In addition to conventional services, we can also provide customized services based on your needs, so as to solve the problems that have long plagued you, and meet your individual needs.

                  • Carry out product update in accordance with your requirements;
                  • Carry out product innovation, research and development in respect of material, function, appearance and other aspects through cooperation with customers and suppliers,
                  • Put forward new solutions and provide various technical services and assistance according to the problems you are faced with.


                  We will know about your needs in the following ways:

                  • Customer meeting
                  • Technology seminar
                  • Presentation of latest products and technologies
                  • Sharing of success stories



                  Presentation of products and technologies



                  Hygiene Materials

                  Auto Industry

                  Furniture & Bedding

                  Geotextile Materials

                  JOFO  Presentation of innovative industry solutions and cutting-edge technologies »


                  Hygiene Material Solutions »

                  Side leakage solution

                  According to the customer’s product structure, JOFO conducts hydrophilic process optimization for the top sheet of the diaper, and uses elastic fabric for the leg cuff and waist band. Even though the baby moves continuously, the leg cuff and waist band still can stretch and rebound effectively without falling-off, and wrap the liquid reliably. In doing this, we successfully find the solution of ‘How to improve the leakage problem of the product’.


                  Soft back sheet film solution

                  SilkSoft ™ nonwovendeveloped by JOFO can be applied to the back sheet and top sheet of diapers. With improved softness and reduced friction coefficient, it enables the babies and nurses to feel cotton-like softness and silky smoothness, and addresses the problems of poor adhesion and low peel strength for normal soft laminated nonwovens.


                  SilkSoft™ Soft Nonwoven

                  Manufactured with the international advanced spunbond production line, the product is featured by silky soft hand feeling, small friction coefficient and no yellowing. We also can carry out hydrophilic, antibacterial, deodorant, skin care and anti-static treatment for the nonwoven according to customer needs.

                  • Soft, elastic
                  • High strength, durable
                  • Low-density, safe and reliable
                  • Abrasion resist,no pilling
                  • Excellent chemical and thermal bonding propertywith other materials
                  • Recyclable

                  (Link to solution)


                  Multifunctional skin care fabric solution

                  AloeHI™ nonwovendeveloped by JOFO firstly applies aloe to the production process of nonwovens. It also can be used to develop avocado oil hydrophilic top sheet, “cocktail” hydrophilic top sheet and other special top sheets according to customer feedback. It successfully solves the problem of sensitivity to diaper materials for newborn babies and the aged.



                  AloeHI™ Nonwoven

                  Manufactured with the international advanced spunbond production line, it is featured by uniform web and balanced ratio of MD strength to CD strength.

                  It can be used to develop avocado oil hydrophilic top sheet, “cocktail” hydrophilic top sheet and other special top sheets according to customer needs. Safe, reliable and non-irritating to skin, it is FDA certified and in conformity to REACH regulations.

                  • Antibacterial, bactericidal
                  • Anti-inflammatory, skin care
                  • Deodorant

                  (Link to solution)


                  Automotive Material Solution »

                  Automotive material solution

                  K-150R KobwedTM innovated and developed by JOFO is an important extension for JOFO products in the automotive interior trim application, which not only improves the product performance, but also brings down the costs by 7.14%. Under the situation of gradual rise in raw material prices, it meets the market requirements for continuous cost reduction and competitiveness improvement.

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                  Furniture & Bedding Material Solution »

                  After various rigorous tests and evaluation, K-100 KobwebTMinnovated and developed by JOFO is selected by the customer to replace its original sofa interlining materials, such as woven lining, warp magic fabric, tricot, spunbonded nonwovens. It brings down the overall costs of interlining by 10% or more, simplifies the procurement, warehousing and logistics links, and solves the management problems that have long plagued our customers.

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                  Geotextile Material Solution »

                  High-speed railway structural layer material optimization solution

                  JOFO accepted the entrustment of a scientific research group of experts subordinated to the Ministry of Railways.JOFO conducted multiple tests from raw material selection to process optimization, and from type approval test to field test. At last, JOFO innovated and upgraded the components and developed customized high-tech geotextile for high-speed railway, which solves the technical problems of railway structural layer material during construction of high-speed railway and the problems arising from its use in high-speed railway, meets and exceeds the technical level of similar foreign products, and makes an important contribution to the railway construction.

                  (Link to solution)


                  Road geotextile optimization solution

                  Considering large area of a major asphalt road in Zhaoqing cracked 1 year later after its construction, JOFO tries to change the acid and alkali resistance and load capacity of the raw material. After multiple tests, it develops the high-tech anti-cracking polypropylene geotextile for asphalt roads, which can resist high temperature, acid and alkali, thus successfully solving the road surface cracking problem. Afterwards, RoatileRGeotextileplays an important role in the road construction in Zhaoqing and won good appraisal from the city leaders and technical staff.



                  • With good heat resistance, it does not shrink or distort, and can maintain stable performance when paving with the high temperature asphalt;
                  • With good compatibility, it can fully absorb asphalt and form a stable bonding layer, so as to ensure the integrity of the road;
                  • Adopting the needlepunched nonwoven process, its longitudinal and horizontal strength is 30% higher than other geotextiles under the same weight;
                  • The geotextiles can absorb and diffuse the stress, so that the original cracks and secondary cracks can be effectively suppressed;
                  • After the absorption of asphalt, it can form an effective waterproof layer to prevent erosion of roadbed due to water seepage and extend the road life;
                  • Strong acid and alkali resistance.

                  (Link to solution)

                  Please contact us to learn more about how JOFO helps find innovative ways to meet the market and product requirements.